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Geo Solution

Dr B Divya S Raj Reddy


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Geo Solution

Geoinformatics International company ltd is established in 2005 in Thailand with
following missions:

Geoinformatics International promotes the use of space technologies - remote sensing, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), LiDAR, UAV, Photogrammetry and GIS for sustainable development.



  1.  Capacity building projects: conducted trainings for professionals to train them invarious aspects of Geoinformatics

  2.  Workshops: Conducted workshops in Open source softwares, GIS / Advance GIS/ Remote Sensing and its applications in health, environment, ad=griculture etc

  3. Projects: Application of Space Technology for various development andsustainability needs, education support in various institutions to teach anddevelop courses in geoinformatics and other remote sensing courses

  4.  Publishing: International Journal of Geoinformatics and Books

  5.  Conferences: Conducted several international conferences in the fields of Geoinformatics for Natural Disaster Management and Health GIS. 

Our Team consists of experts from all the fields of space technologies. Our advisorhas supported Malaysian Space Agency (MACRES), GISTDA (Thai Space Agency) andUNESCAP. 

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