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Author Guidelines

International Journal of Geoinformatics aims at publishing scientific and technical developments in the diverse field of Geoinformatics encompassing Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Geographic Information System, and Global Positioning Systems. Papers dealing with innovations in theoretical, experimental and system design aspects are welcome. Routine applications without significant findings will not be considered.

Author Guidelines

Manuscript  submission  details  digital  copy  of  the  manuscript  in  MS  word  should  be submitted online. 

The manuscript  should be  prepared  in  MS  Word  double  spaced  in  A4  size. Size of the manuscript should be limited to 12 pages (A4 size) in single column inclusive of all texts, figures, and tables. Manuscripts should be organized in the following order:

  • Cover page (Title, Name of authors, affiliations, address, e-mail, phone, fax) on one page.

The main paper should have:

  • Title (Times Roman, 18 Font, Bold, Center justified)

  • Abstract (about 150 words, (10 Font))

  • Main (10 Font) text with sections and subsections numbered in order

  • All equation should be numbered as per the style; Equation 1, Equation 2 etc.

  • All Figures should have title and be in the high resolution and placed in the paper at the appropriate place in the manuscript

  • All Tables should have title and be placed near to the place where they are mentioned or discussed in the manuscript

  • References should be numbered in the list they should be cited by same number in the manuscript. For example, following reference is numbered as [1] so it should be cited in manuscript as [1]. 

[1] Hewson, R. D., Cudahy, T. J., Mizuhiko, S., Ueda, K. and Mauger, A. J., 2005, Seamless Geological Map Generation using ASTER in the Broken Hill–Curnamona Province of Australia. Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol. 99, 159–172.

Article Publication Charges
IJG publishes 12 issues per year (monthly) online. All the papers are open access and free download. It enhances citations, H-Index, and impact factors for the authors.


Normal publication time is 4 weeks from the date of submission.


Article Processing Charges for Online plus Open Access and DOI is US$ 475. Authors will have following benefits:

  • 20% Discount on all events organised by Geoinformatics International 

  • Special 30% discount on books published by Geoinformatics International

  • Invitation to be the Member of Reviewer Panel and later Member of Editorial Board 


Review Process
Review will be online by 3 peer reviewers and will be blind. Author name and affiliation will not be disclosed to the reviewers.

Normally the process of review takes 2 weeks and publication of the paper can be within 3-6 weeks. The papers on the average are published online in 4 weeks. It can be expedited if authors respond timely after the review.

Open Access will guarantee that anyone can read and download the paper online. This enhances citation and your professional growth.  

An invoice will be sent to the author before final acceptance of the paper.

English Proofing
Many authors may be from non-native English countries and if they wish to use the proofing and editing service in advance of the paper submission, it may be arranged at a nominal cost US$ 150. This will help in speedy and smooth reviewing of the paper. It is encouraged for all non-native English speaking authors.


Many reviewers complain the English language issue in the paper.  IJG will send the paper for review only after the English editing and proofing is completed. Once, the final version is resubmitted again the Paper will be proofed for the English before publication.

Submission of Paper as Softcopy
A softcopy version of manuscript in MS Word format should be submitted on final acceptance of the paper.

Upon acceptance of the paper by Editor-in-Chief, the copyright should be transferred to the publisher.

Address for Submission of Manuscript
Dr. Nitin Kumar Tripathi
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Geoinformatics
Geoinformatics International Co., Ltd
​163 Villa California Club, Moo 5, Tiwanon Road
Bangkadi, Muang, Pathumthani, 12000, Thailand
Tel: ​+66 - 2 - 043 – 6648
E-mail: |

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